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How to get water in Sons Of The Forest

Learn how to easily get water to slake your thirst in Sons Of The Forest

How do you get water in Sons Of The Forest? Endnight's survival series tends to put you in charge of rather more responsibilities than just not getting clubbed to death. In Sons Of The Forest you also have to constantly keep track of your strength, tiredness, hunger, and thirst - and just as in real life, the best way to deal with the latter responsibility is to drink lots of water.

If you're struggling to find water to drink from in your first day or two of Sons Of The Forest, then worry no more. In this quick guide we'll explain exactly how you can get easy, early access to a limitless supply of water to quench your thirst. We'll also explore different options for gathering water and slaking your thirst later on in the game.

How to get water in Sons Of The Forest

When you first start playing Sons Of The Forest, you can stave off thirst for a while by opening the various suitcases and crates scattered about your spawn point. Doing so will always give you at least one drink, which you can drink straight from your inventory when you start to get thirsty. These drinks won't last you long though, so you'll need to make finding water a top priority.

To get water in Sons Of The Forest, the best method early on is to head to a river using your GPS map. Bring up your GPS with "M", and then click the Middle Mouse Button to change the size of the minimap until you can see far enough around you to find a river.

Once you're at a river, you can crouch down near the very edge and hold the interact button to drink from the river, immediately filling your thirst meter by approximately half. You need to be carrying nothing in your hands in order to drink, so hit "G" to drop what you're holding first.

Only a source of fresh water such as a river can be drunk from, mind you - don't go trying to drink saltwater from the coast!

The player drinks from a river in Sons Of The Forest.

If you're nowhere near a river when you need to drink, then a good way to quench thirst is to eat Yarrow - the white flowers. This plant crops up all over the island, so just keep an eye out for white flower petals and you can stave off thirst for a little while by consuming them whenever you see them. You can also consume Salmonberries for a similar but lesser effect.

When you get round to building a base somewhere inland, you can build a water collector out of a turtle shell. Turtle shells can only be harvested from the larger sea turtles - killing the smaller snapping turtles won't get you anything but meat. Once you've crafted a water collector, you can place it down and it will start to collect water in the rain.

Another option later on in the game is to find the 3D printer in Sons Of The Forest. This will allow you to craft a canteen, which you can fill up at a river for a longer-lasting source of water for inland excursions.

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