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French a language of romance descends from Latin. It is majorly used as a maternal language and a mode of public interactions.

Interesting Facts

  • France is the most popular tourist destination in the world.
  • The French Army was the first to use camouflage in 1915 (World War I)
  • Louis XIX was the king of France for just 20 minutes, the shortest reign.
  • ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’ (or brotherhood) is the national motto of France
  • In France you can marry a dead person
  • France was the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from throwing away or destroying unsold food
  • The first public screening of a movie was by French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière on 28 December 1895
  • France legalised same-sex marriage in 2013 The Louvre Museum in Paris was the most visited museum in the world in 2014
  • The world’s first artificial heart transplant and face transplant took place in France
  • The French invented the metric system, decimal system
  • France produces nearly a billion tons of cheese a year
  • The oldest recorded human voice is French



At a Glance

France is sovereign state. France spans 643,801 square kilometres with a total population of 66.6 million.France in in western part of Europe, which is called Metropolitan France.Paris is the capital city which is known for its fashion and classical art museums. Currency is Euro.It has been a largest producer and exporter of agricultural products, comprising mainly Wheat, poultry, dairy, beef, and pork. Champagne and Bordeaux wines are major exports from France.

Metropolitan France has four broad climate zones:

  • An oceanic climate, A semi-continental climate
  • A Mediterranean climate and mountain climate

Most French people are of Celtic (Gauls) origin, with admixture of Latin and Germanic groups.a large number of immigrants has led to a multicultural society. It remains a major destination for immigrants.

France is a highly urbanized country. Official language is French. Over 300 million people worldwide speak French language. France has been a center of Western cultural development, is recognized for its rich culture, while fashion has been a major industry and export of France. The “haute couture” originated from France. It is one of the world’s fashion capital and houses many premier fashion designers.

French cuisine is one of the finest, a meal consists of three main courses, hors d’œuvre or entrée , plat principal (main course), fromage and dessert. Michelin stars originated from here. Popular sports here are football, tennis, rugby and judo. Its famous bicycle race is the Tour de France.

More than 95% of the population in Germany speak German. Other languages spoken include Frisian, Serbian and Danish.

Interesting Facts

  • Germany is the most populous European country with a population of 82 million.
  • German people are the second biggest consumers of beer in the world with an average of 107 litres per person per year in 2010 (or 0.30 l per day).
  • The German language was once the lingua franca of central, eastern and northern Europe, and remains the language with the most native speakers in Europe.
  • Germany has nearly 700 zoological gardens, wildlife parks, aquariums, bird parks, animal reserves, or safari parks. Berlin’s Zoologischer Garten is the largest zoo in the world.
  • In 2006, the world’s youngest billionnaire is the German Prince Albert II von Thurn und Taxis, with net worth is estimated at around $1.9 billion (USD).
  • As of 2012, German athletes have won a total of 1662 Olympic medals (summer and winter combined from 1896 to 2012), i.e. more than any other country in the world except the USA.
  • The Germans can be credited for the discovery of insulin, the invention of the clarinet, the pocket watch, the automated calculator, the light bulb, television (partly), paraffin, petrol/gasoline & Diesel engines, the automobile, the motorcycle, the jet engine, the LCD screen and the Walkman.
  • The term “ecology” was first coined by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel in 1866.
  • Germany the world’s second producer of cars (after Japan) and motor vehicle in general (after the USA).

At a Glance

Germany is a federation.. The Federal Chancellor, the federal ministers form the Federal Government. The Federal Eagle is the state symbol, while different styled eagles represent the President, the Bundesrat, the court. The Euro has been the legal currency since 2002. A total of 16.4 million of the people living in Germany have a migration background: 9.2 million of them have a German passport, 7.2 million are foreigners.German has become a popular destination for immigrants. Germany is a pioneer in developing renewable energies.

German is the official language of Germany. Other languages include Danish, Frisian, Serbian, Romani , along with Turkish and Kurdsih. Germany has a moderate , warm rainy climate with rainfall through the year.

German cuisine and wines are the finest in Europe. Germany is also a beer loving country. Germans are becoming increasingly health and fitness-conscious, and are opting for balanced nutritional concepts. The German restaurants, one of the best in Europe being top-class, fusion cuisine, while choices of vegetarian and vegan dishes are increasing.

People more than half live in rented homes, while 65% of all residences are single family, only5.9% are large structures. Germany is a country of sports. Gymnasts, football, tennis, shooting , athletics and riding. Germans and humor doesn’t go hand in hand. Punctuality and discipline are their virtues.

Germany is reached by more than 100 international airlines. The global route network links 22 international airports in Germany with all regions of the world. It also has extensive rail road system and ultra modern roads . There is no speed limit on German motorways, unless speed limit signs are marked

Italian the official language of Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City and Istria. It is a major European language, third most spoken first language of Union of Europe. It is the language of music. It is the fourth of fifth most taught foreign language in the world.

Interesting Facts

  • Italy is one of the most crowded nations in Europe
  • The capital of Italy is Rome is almost 3,000 years old
  • Parmesan cheese originated in the area in Parma, Italy.
  • The University of Rome is one of the world’s oldest universities
  • Vatican City is the only nation in the world that can lock its own gates at night.
  • Italy is the home of three active volcanoes, Etna, Stromboli and Vesuvius
  • Vatican city is the smallest city in the world
  • The first thermometer was made here.
  • Pizza was invented here in 1860
  • Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world
  • It is the largest exporter of wine
  • It has the eight largest economy in the world

At a Glance

The name “Italy” comes from Greek “italos”, which means calf, is the centre of the first and largest empire in Europe and North Africa. Italy is located in Southern Europe.

The Colosseum in Rome is the largest ancient building devoted to entertainment.

Dutch language, also called Netherlandic or Dutch Nederlands, in Belgium called Flemish or Flemish Vlaams, a West Germanic language that is the national language of the Netherlands and, with French and German, one of the three official languages of Belgium. Although speakers of English usually call the language of the Netherlands “Dutch” and the language of Belgium “Flemish,” they are actually the same language.

Interesting Facts

  • The Wilhelmus is the oldest national anthem in the world
  • Some 87 percent of Dutch people speak English
  • The Netherlands is literally a low country
  • Cycling in the Netherlands is the safest in the world
  • The Dutch eat the most liquorice in the world
  • Dutch artists are world famous like Van Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt
  • The Dutch were first to develop Fairtrade certification
  • gin and coffee were invented by the Dutch
  • The first country to legalise same sex marriages in 2001
  • 70% of the world’s bacon comes from Netherlands
  • The Dutch are the tallest in the world
  • A person drinks on average 74 litres of beer a year in the Netherlands
  • The Dutch are the world’s biggest coffee drinkers after the Scandinavians
  • It is the largest exporter of cheese in the world
  • 86% of the population speak English as a second language
  • The microscope, the telescope, pendulum clock and the mercury thermometer are inventions by the Dutch

At a Glance

Nederlanders or the Dutch are native to the Netherlands. The Netherlands, is known for its canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. They have the highest population density of any countries in Europe. The Netherlands has two capitals : Amsterdam and The Hague

They are the pioneers of capitalism, secularism and a free market. The Netherlands have the highest level of foreign direct investment per capita in the world. The dominant religion here is Christianity. Dutch is the main language spoken here, it is the third Germanic language. Official languages are Dutch, Frisian, Papiamento.

The climate here is moderate maritime climate, with cool summers and mild winters, and typically high humidity. shipping, fishing, agriculture, trade, and banking have been leading sectors of the Dutch economy. Their main exports being fresh cut plants, flowers and flower bulbs.they also export tomatoes and apples. Football is the most popular sports along with hockey and volley ball. Dutch cuisine is simple with dairy products. It is renowned for its many rich pastries, soups, stews and vegetable dishes. It was ranked as the country with the most nutritious, plentiful and healthy food comparing to 125 countries.