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Best HR Payroll Course in Bangalore

Payroll is a process of calculating the salary of all the employees of a company based on their pay scale, attendance, performance, allowances and perks. Pay functions involve reconciling payroll data as well as depositing and reporting taxes. Payroll HR, normally referred to as payroll department, handles all the aspects of the employment and benefits of each employee of the company. The team also has to keep in the mind the payroll budget of the company. Payroll functions may span across multiple departments due to the ever-increasing complexities. So payroll is a part of the human resources and is an integral part of any organization. It extends to a fairly wide range of labour and administrative issues.

In addition to managing the salary and related issues, but it also complies with various government legislation and safeguards the company.

Eskill Training is a place to learn, explore, transform and grow. Our Payroll HR course is recognized internationally and applicable to HR professionals all over the world in various sectors and organizations. You build a strong foundation by enrolling and completing this course. Our course is a practical, market-driven course designed to educate, enrich and enhance professional performance.

Best HR Diploma Training Course in Bangalore

Eskill offers HR Diploma course which is designed for aspirants who wish to develop a critical understanding of people and organizations. It focuses on individual-level and strategic improvements in manpower management, manpower planning, recruitments, promotions, training and workshops and the smooth functioning of the day to day operations. We provide module-specific materials to support your learning. The course enhances your career through personal and professional development. It would surely boost your future careers and would help you to climb the corporate ladder.

This course is internationally recognized and helps HR professionals across the globe. This course gives a great entry level and is also helpful to senior level managers.

This qualification is recognized internationally and a career booster for HR professionals across the world in all sectors and organizations.

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Best Bank Exam Training & Coaching Center in Bangalore

Banking jobs are one of the most lucrative career avenues in India in present times. Nationalised and private regularly conduct exams for screening candidates for the position of Probationary Officer, Clerks and other positions. As per some estimates, vacancies in various banks are set to reach 7.5 Lakh in next five years. Students have to go through a written test, group discussion and personal interview before they are selected for various positions. The competition levels are quite high, therefore, one needs a lot of preparation and coaching.

eSkill Bank Exam coaching was started with a firm belief that banking sector has the potential to surpass many other high growth industries, over the next few decades. India is just scratching the surface when it comes to the penetration of a solid banking infrastructure across the nation.

Our Bank Exam coaching introduces you to the core competencies required for a successful banking career. The module has been designed by professional retail bankers who provide a comprehensive body of industry knowledge. It helps you to focus on the issues that are encountered when leading people and retail banking departments. It consists of faculty which demonstrates unparalleled international best practices. The coaching is overseen and rigorously assessed by an academic governing body. It is independently accredited.

Our coaching module covers all aspects of retail banking, including cards and payments, SME lending, corporate banking, forex management, project financing and management of various asset classes. It is tailor-made for candidates from every level of experience and designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of each bank. We enable the prospective banking professionals to embark on a high growth financial sector, through our coaching module.

On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate confirming your status as an expert in basic banking operations.


GATE exam Training & Coaching Center in Bangalore

GATE ( Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an exam for those who have completed a bachelor of engineering BE, B.Tech, BSc, B.Arch, B.Pharm.

GATE is administered and conducted in eight zones across India. It comprises of Faculty members from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and other 7 IIT’s on behalf of the National Coordinating Board, Department of Education, Ministry of HRD. The GATE ranking is the basis for admissions to Post Graduate Programmes like ME, MTech, MS and Direct Ph. in institutes like IITs and IISc etc. Public Sector Undertakings use the GATE scores for recruiting candidates for higher jobs, due to which there is a huge competition out there.

Candidates usually take up the subject which is appropriate to the discipline of their qualifying degree. Candidates also have an option to choose a paper of their choice, taking into consideration the criteria for eligibility of a specific institute. Our training helps you to solve multiple choice questions and numerical type questions. These can be further categorized into various types of questions like recall, comprehension, application, analysis and synthesis, common data questions, linked answer questions. Only correct answer fetches marks.

The most common question asked by the aspiring students about the GATE exam is, how to prepare for it? Some coaching centers suggest rigid timetables and heavy learning, while some others advice from their experiences. One needs determination and willpower to crack the exam.  You also need to have a plan that incorporates all aspects that are important for the GATE exam. eSkill has compiled the guidelines from various experts, toppers and a simple preparation plan that can ensure your success in the exam.

Eskill helps you to prepare well so that you cross the qualifying stage. Our study material and mock tests would enable you to identify your strengths and weakness and then focus accordingly. Our mock tests and practice of previous years question papers, help you to judge the time required to solve them and the constraints thereof. We guide you to prepare a list of important equations, definitions, theorems, derivations, laws in each subject. We educate you about the linked and common data questions. You get to know the weightage given to each topic.

Best IELTS Training & Coaching Center in Bangalore

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language skills of candidates who aspire to study or work abroad or countries where English is a major official language.  IELTS is required for entry to university in the UK and other countries.

The IELTS exam is highly regarded as a measuring tool to assess language skills of migrating population. It is accepted for Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

Eskill Training offers and IELTS Exam preparation course through an intensive approach to improve your English skills and pass the IELTS exam in the shortest time possible. It helps you to achieve the required score. It improves your vocabulary, grammar, and the general usage of English language. It enhances your confidence and fluency in spoken English.

Our IELTS preparation courses can be tailored to meet your needs. The length of study will depend on your current IELTS level and your target level. You can study for as little as 2 weeks, or take an extended programme of 12+ weeks.

In addition to our expert IELTS classes, you will also receive a wide range of additional support and materials to help you pass your IELTS exam. This includes:

  • Mock exam test papers under timed conditions for practice in sitting the tests
  • Revision coaching
  • Milestone reviews and goal setting meetings with your tutors
  • Interview practice and coaching in writing personal statements, if required
  • Assistance with registering for the exam, if required.

Best Aptitude Training in Bangalore

An aptitude test examines the talent, ability and the potential to come up with a solution with no prior knowledge or training. Aptitude coaching and training is of foremost importance in modern times given the fact that each and every candidate has to pass an Aptitude Test before getting into a job. Higher the Aptitude higher the chances of getting a job in a tough competitive environment.

It is extremely difficult for a company to judge the ability of a candidate based on the academic performance in school or college. It’s the Aptitude that differentiates one person from the other.

These aptitude tests give a good opportunity for a candidate to prove his ability to think, reason and analyze logically in any given situation. Companies consider a candidate with a good attitude, as preferable compared to someone who is lagging behind in aptitude.

Our Aptitude training course aims to improvise your reasoning, mathematical, English awareness and computers. The following are some of the aptitude tests that we train you in order to enable you to clear the initial rounds of any job interview.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude

Missing Numbers, Profit & Loss, Time & Speed, Probability, permutation and combination, time and work, time and distance, Simple and Compound Interest, Train Problem, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, pipes & Cisterns, Simplification. Quantitative Aptitude proves your ability to quickly analyse, calculate and predict future events or facts, based on mathematical calculations with some given information.

  1. Verbal

Synonyms, Error Spotting, Antonyms, Fill the blanks, Sentence Arrangement, Comprehension, Replacing the Phrase etc. A strong Verbal aptitude reflects your communicating skills, vocabulary, thought flow and reflexes in a given situation.

  1. Logical Reasoning:

It is the ability to arrive at a conclusion by using a systematic and rational series of steps based on mathematical calculations.

Best Diploma in English Training in Bangalore

English is one of the most spoken native languages across the world. Eskill being a visionary training institute, strongly believes that learning the English language; can go a long way in building a bright future for all the students.

Eskill offers a full-time Diploma in English course which is specifically designed to provide you with the language skills. We use vibrant teaching techniques and the latest technology to deliver lessons which will meet your individual needs and goals. We have friendly, expert teachers available to you all day, every day. Perfect your pronunciation and gain real confidence in your spoken English with personalized attention from our qualified teachers. We believe that learning experience should be a package of fun, tailor-made and meet the demands of the modern era. Our course would boost your confidence and add great value to your career. It would surely guide you to fulfill your goals.

Eskill Training has its own reputation and place in the field of English training, offering high-quality courses and facilities at reasonable prices. Book your tailor-made English language course at Eskill Training today.

Communication Skills Training in Bangalore

The ability to communicate accurately, clearly, effectively and as intended, is the most important of all life skills. Communication is the act of transferring information from one place to another. It may be vocal, written, visual or non-verbal.

Development of communication skills gives a boost to all aspects of life; social and professional.

Employers look for excellent communication skills in the prospective employees since it is an essential aspect of the effective day to day operations. It is also required for maintaining healthy relationships in the workplace.

Eskill Training imparts coaching in developing your communication skills, be it verbal, non-verbal and written. The course helps you to understand the communication process and how to handle it when there is a breakdown. You would improve on your verbal and body language and start understanding patterns of behaviour. The course would also help you in improving your interpersonal communication. Your confidence to attend business meetings and initiate conversations with colleagues would be greatly improved after attending this course. You would climb the career ladder quickly since communication skill is the most important factor in choosing managers. You would become more visible and successful.

Our communication skills course is valuable for business leaders, managers, business development professionals, and people of responsibility. Our expert trainers will coach, coordinate, counsel, evaluate, and supervise you until you are comfortable and confident in your skills. Similarly, sales personnel can benefit a lot from our course.

Our course also teaches you business communication skills which is extremely useful while dealing with stakeholders, clients, markets, media and the general public. You would grow more effective in internal communication for better collaboration with various departments functioning across the board.

Interview Preparation Training Classes in Bangalore

The interview is the time when you get a chance to convince a recruiter that you have the skills, knowledge and the relevant experience for the job. You need to be enthusiastic and motivated and convince the recruiter that you are the right candidate for the job. The recruiter should be convinced that you would fit into the organization’s culture.

You need to do a lot of homework before you attend an interview. This would help you to get the perspective and be acquainted with the company that you are trying to join. You need to analyze whether you are fit for the job. You need to be well prepared for responses to relevant questions thrown on you. You attire during the interview tells a lot about your personality.

Positivity and a pleasing body language, clarity and enthusiasm are the key winning techniques to crack an interview successfully.

Eskill Training offers you training in interview preparation, which you help you to get into a lucrative job. It is always advisable to brush up on the basic etiquettes, responses and the flow of conversation. We guide you on how to rehearse, do your research, brush up on body language and dress properly.

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Interview Skills Training Center in Bangalore

To face an interview successfully, one needs to do a plenty of research and planning. You need to answer awkward questions very comfortably and convincingly. For eg. If there are any gaps in between your career, you should be able to justify them properly. You should be able to identify the skills, interests and experiences that the organization is looking for by looking at its website and social media channels. One should be able to answer the most common questions as well as question the interviewer. You also need to research the issues, trends and opportunities affecting the organization. One needs to maintain personal hygiene, eat healthy food the day before and sleep adequately.

Positivity, a good body language, clarity and enthusiasm are the key winning techniques to crack an interview successfully. Proper dressing is extremely important as it makes a good impact on your personality.

The four main types of interview are telephonic, video, face-to-face and assessment centers.

Eskill Training offers you training to successfully prepare and attend a job interview. Whether you are looking for your first job or a seasoned professional, it is always advisable to brush up on the basic etiquettes, responses and the flow of conversation. We guide you on how to rehearse, do your research, brush up on body language and dress properly.

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