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Auditing refers to the methodical process of examining books, documents and bookkeeping of organisations to ensure all the financial dealings are done fairly without any false representation in the regular business operations. Auditing courses also place a major emphasis on the quality assurance mechanisms of different banks, financial institutions and corporations. Our auditing course provides all the essentials in financial management and accounting essential for becoming successful auditors. Our courses in auditing cover ISO standards, quality management, QMS, environmental auditing, health & safety auditing etc

Auditing essentials

The process involves the examination of all the documents, financial records and vouchers and invoices in order to establish the genuinity of the accounts, financial documents and the supporting invoices or vouchers.  Over the years, auditing has become a ubiquitous phenomenon in the private and public sectors. The main objective of auditing is to provide a third party assurance to stakeholders that the organisation or the proposals are free from any material misstatement. Auditing encompasses within it several other specialisations such as internal controls, quality management, project management, water management and energy conservation.

Who should attend this course?

Our auditing course are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students. Aspiring finance graduates can make use of this course in order to gain some solid foundations in financial and accounting concepts. Our course is also highly beneficial for professionals working in strategic planning and management, business consulting etc. Experienced auditors who wish to further improve can take up this course for professional development.  Also, courses in auditing can serve useful for financial accountants who want to diverge into business consulting.

Career prospects for professionals

Certifications in auditing can help professionals to expand their job opportunities such as working as lead auditors, quality assurance professionals, supply chain management professionals, advisory board, logistics and accounting professionals.

Professionals with a knack for specifications and an aspiration to advance in their finance and accounting careers will find this course on auditing extremely useful.

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